Gravenhurst Landlord Fined For Multiple Alarm Violations After Fire


Absence of Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms Cited

 A Brampton based landlord was issued with multiple citations after an investigation into conditions at his Bishop Street four-plex were prompted by a fire earlier this week. On Tuesday (October 29) evening around 10 p.m, Gravenhurst Firefighters were called to a fire in a four-unit apartment and found that a small electrical fire had occurred in one of the units. Firefighters discovered that there was an absence of adequate and up-to date smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, and follow-up by fire inspectors today led them to charge the owner with five counts of “fail to install smoke alarms where required”, as well as an identical number of “fail to install carbon monoxide alarms where required”, charges. Charges were laid on the spot via Provincial offences notices with a total of $3,600.00 in fines.

In addition, the owner of the building is facing an “order” under the Fire Protection and Prevention Act to remedy deficiencies in the building.

“The notion of a landlord failing to adequately safeguard their tenants with basic measures such as alarms is simply intolerable in this day and age,” said Breyan Sinnott, fire prevention officer with the Department. “Though the landlord is cooperating fully at this point in time, all landlords must understand their responsibilities under the legislation, ‘I didn’t know’ doesn’t wash anymore,” explained Sinnott.

“After meeting with the owner of the building today and explaining the work necessary on the other items, we’ll be taking active steps to monitor the changes in the building that are necessary to bring it into compliance with the Fire Code,” said Sinnott. Other deficiencies in the building relate to storage, lighting, electrical shortcomings as well as some structural issues. “It’s becoming very common for us to take a collaborative approach to these issues, and in this case, the Building Department, Electrical Safety Authority and some other agencies are also involved.

“We’re fortunate in this circumstance that the fire was noticed when it was, and that our firefighters were able to respond so quickly. Had the fire started in the middle of the night, the outcome could have been devastating for the eight occupants of this building.”



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