GoFundMe Set Up For Local Man Who Needs Specialized Bed

Photo courtesy of Diana Howe

A Gravenhurst resident has set up a GoFundMe campaign to help buy her son with muscular dystrophy a new bed.

Diana Howe created the GoFundMe page at the end of November for her son Christopher Guy Howe, who has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD), a genetic disorder characterized by progressive muscle weakness and loss. Now 32, Christopher has used a wheelchair since kindergarten and his medical equipment needs have grown over time. Due to his disorder, he has no muscle mass and little to no fat tissue as well as only 10 per cent bone density. He has limited mobility and his bed plays a major role in avoiding complications, such as broken bones or pressure sores.

“It is never easy asking for help from the community, but this disease eats you up and spits you out,” said Diana on the GoFundMe page. “It’s brutal and constantly changing with new challenges every day. And every day Christopher holds his up head and smiles no matter what pain he is in.”

His current hospital bed is 15 years old and his air mattress is almost as old, leaving him with a bed that does not respond properly to commands and a constantly deflating mattress. He now needs $17,000 for a new bed. So far, two weeks into the campaign, only $500 have been raised.

“I want to take care of him the best that I can, but I’m not always able to provide everything he needs on my own and that’s what is frustrating for me,” said Diana. “But I have to say, our community has been there for us through the years. They are always there for him! I’m so glad we live here!”

To learn more about Christopher or donate to his GoFundMe, click here.

Photo courtesy of Diana Howe
Photo courtesy of Diana Howe
Photo courtesy of Diana Howe


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