Glenn Vickery Will Complete His Swim Around Lake of Bays on August 6th

Glenn Vickery completes stage four of 27 of his swim around Lake of Bays to raise money and awareness for shoreline preservation and water quality of the lake. (Photo Credit: Jacqueline Godard via Facebook)

On Monday, August 6, 2018, Glenn Vickery will climb out of the Lake of Bays waters at South Portage just over 11 weeks after he first entered back on May 19, 2018.

Since diving in at 10 a.m. that frigid morning, Glenn has been circumnavigating the shores of Lake of Bays by the power of his own arms, legs and will to raise awareness and funds for shoreline preservation and water quality of the lake.

“Last summer I organized a few group swims on the lake with swimmers from Huntsville and they all were impressed with the beauty, clear water and natural shoreline,” says Glenn. “It made me reflect and look deeply into myself and after some soul searching, I realized that Lake of Bays is a magical place and that I would like to do my part in ensuring the lake’s natural shoreline and water quality. Swimming has been an integral part of my life and I thought that it would be the perfect way to explore the lake and to spread the word that this lake is a gem that we all have to take care of.”

From South Portage back in May, the full-time Lake of Bays resident swam south towards Baysville, before turning up to Dorset and then heading back towards Dwight to finish back at South Portage. When complete, Glenn will have crawled, stroked and butterflied approximately 210 km for his cause.

Since he started, Glenn has averaged around two stages per week, for a total of 27 stages, with each one being between 5 and 8 km. Although his time in the water is usually around two and a half hours, the preparation for each stage – logistics, mapping, coordinating and driving – averages ten to 12 hours.

“I have had to get approval from cottage owners around the lake for each one of my stages for the start and finish,” Glenn explains. “It has been overwhelming to have been greeted by people that I have never met who support the cause and have given me the courage, inspiration and motivation to move through and complete each stage. Each Bay that I have swum through has a unique personality and characteristics and everyone has been friendly and willing to offer support.”

Glenn expects to complete his final stage around noon on August 6. There, a reception will take place to celebrate his accomplishment, along with all the residents of the lake who have supported Glenn on his journey.

“The success of this project has been the support and encouragement of the residents on the lake and all of the volunteers that have spent countless hours helping me with boat support, landing and finishing areas, photography, publicity and a host of behind the scene assistance,” says Glenn. “I have enjoyed every kilometer of the journey and marvel on how unique and special each bay is. The strongest feeling that I have felt through this adventure is that I have never felt as connected to a place and its people as I do on this lake.”

More information on Glenn’s swim can be found on the LOB Shoreline Facebook page. You can also support the three charities supporting the initiative: the Andrew Daniels Fish Stewardship Foundation, Friends of the Muskoka Watershed and The Lake of Bays Heritage Foundation. All three groups are committed to preserving the natural shoreline of Lake of Bays.

Photo Credit: Jacqueline Godard via Facebook


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