Firefighters In Gravenhurst Conducting Door To Door Education Campaign


‘Escaping Safely’ This Year’s Fire Prevention Focus

Firefighters were out roaming several Gravenhurst neighbourhoods this week, but it wasn’t pre-Halloween ‘trick or treating’ that they were up to. Firefighters were going door-to-door as part of the Department’s annual Fire Prevention Week activities promoting fire safety and in particular, the value of smoke alarms and home fire escape planning.

“Our firefighters managed to visit about 125 residences, checking for working smoke alarms and sharing other important fire safety information,” said Breyan Sinnott, fire prevention officer “The community’s response was fantastic, even though we did find several outdated smoke and CO alarms,” she added.

Firefighters replaced smoke alarms, batteries and in some cases provided additional alarms to homes that needed these according to Sinnott. “We’ve been fortunate enough in Gravenhurst to have had smoke alarms donated to us for a very long time by several organizations and individual benefactors. We in turn pass these on free of charge to those in need.”

In the last couple of years, Gravenhurst Home Hardware has partnered with an organization called ‘Nolan’s Story’ to provide the Department with free carbon monoxide alarms, which are also made available to the community. Sinnott noted that the Department has worked with the food bank and ‘Free Stuff 4 Daily Needs’ to get these life savers into Gravenhurst homes.

Sinnott noted that both smoke and CO alarms don’t last forever and need replacing periodically. “The simple act of changing batteries twice a year can be something easily overlooked. This can have disastrous consequences if not performed,” she noted.

Firefighters all over North America have also been promoting the need for home escape planning as part of this year’s fire prevention messaging. “Knowing primary and secondary exits is important at work, home or out shopping in the community. Regardless of where you are, please take the time to look for alternate exits. At home, it only takes a few minutes to sit down with your family and talk about what to do when an alarm sounds,” said Sinnott.  Firefighters visited all Gravenhurst schools on Tuesday to conduct surprise fire drills, she noted.  “The kids know the importance of fire drills at school, do they at home too?”

For more information about any fire safety matter, please contact the Fire Prevention Division at 705-687-3414.


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