Fall Watermain Flushing Begins Oct. 9th In Muskoka


As part of the District of Muskoka’s regular maintenance program, the District will be conducting watermain and hydrant flushing from October 9 until the end of November.  This maintenance will improve the quality and service of the water system prior to winter and will ensure the proper operation of hydrants and watermains.

While the water is safe, the flushing could result in cloudy or coloured water which will clear if a cold water tap is run for a short time. It is recommended that all customers check their water for rust prior to use each day as discoloration of laundry, etc. could occur.

The District would like to thank all those affected for your co-operation and patience during this necessary maintenance work.   If residents have any problems or need assistance related to the flushing, please call (705) 645-6764 or 1-800-281-3483.

For more information about water and wastewater management, visit: https://www.muskoka.on.ca/en/live-and-play/Water-and-Wastewater.aspx


  1. It’s no wonder almost all residents of Muskoka have refused to connect to District services after receiving a letter demanding that they do or face a massive fine. Tell them to take a hike. Connection and service costs are so high some seniors would have lost their homes. Highest cost in Ontario due to spectacularly bad management, for water you can’t always use. Anyone hooked up to District sewers is contributing to all the sewage spills. 730,000 litres spilled just in the last few years. Not counting filling resident’s basements with sewage. Protect the environment and avoid District services.

    Wasaga Beach failed in court trying to force sewers on residents. Kawartha Lakes subsequently stopped forcing sewers. In spite of the above Muskoka is still trying to force sewers. Residents, with the help of the Province, educated the District in the Municipal Act and stopped them illegally forcing sewers. The District admitted what they did was illegal on TV. They are that desperate. Search Oppose Bracebridge Sewers for the TV video.

    In Muskoka the District sometimes supplies rusty, over-chlorinated, under-chlorinated water. Highest cost in Ontario for water you can’t use. You also pay sewer charges for water you can’t use. $200/month total and climbing including costs shown on your property tax bill. $100/month even if you are away and have zero usage. Search “Smell chlorine in Muskoka tap water? ‘It’s safe,’ staffer says” Search “Check your taps for rusty water this month in Muskoka”. In 2014 9 samples showed high Total Coliform and one sample showed chlorine residual was less than half the required level. See PW-4-2015-2 on muskokacivicweb. Walkerton?


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