District Of Muskoka CAO Announces Resignation


District Chair John Klinck has accepted the resignation the District’s Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Michael Duben, who is leaving to pursue another career opportunity.  Mr. Duben has been CAO at the District since 2013 and his last official day will be September 2, 2020.  Duben will begin his new position on September 8th as the CAO for Oxford County.

“On behalf of all Muskoka’s residents, District Council and our staff, I would like to thank Michael Duben for his dedicated service to our community,” said Chair Klinck.  “From day one and throughout his tenure with us, Michael has exhibited a clear understanding of both our community’s values and District Council’s vision and strategic priorities. Michael’s inspirational and innovative executive management style, together with a dedicated commitment to service excellence, has enhanced the District of Muskoka’s profile both within and beyond Muskoka.  In every manner, Michael has lived up to the premise of our District of Muskoka Mission Statement of ‘Managing our Legacy Together’.”

“Faced with what he characterized to be ‘one of the most difficult decisions he has had to make’, Michael was kind enough to share with me both his professional and personal reasons to consider leaving Muskoka. As always, Michael presented a sound rationale  for he and his wife Shelly’s decision,” added Chair Klinck.  “Further, beyond Michael’s efforts, may we also acknowledge Shelly’s contributions to our community within the context of her role with the Trillium Lakelands District School Board.   May we collectively offer Michael, Shelly and the extended Duben family our sincere best wishes for the future! ”

“I am deeply grateful to District Councils, both past and present, with whom I have had the pleasure of working,” said Mr. Duben.  “Working with and alongside District staff for almost 7 years has been both inspiring and rewarding and I will forever feel privileged to have had that opportunity. The residents of Muskoka are very fortunate to have such talented, passionate and dedicated individuals at their service. I leave Muskoka for a new opportunity knowing that we have a strong leadership team in place and a Council that is committed to doing what is best for Muskoka.

“My family and I have been fortunate to live in Muskoka for the past 7 years and appreciate how welcoming the community has been throughout this time,” added Mr. Duben.


  1. Good riddance. Irresponsible, unethical and illegal actions are ingrained at the District.
    Duben and Stevens recommended the District keep almost all of $300,000 taken in an 11 year tax error from 198 properties in Gravenhurst.
    Duben blamed residents!!! for not noticing the District’s tax error.
    The District admitted on CogecoTV they illegally tried to force sewers on residents in Bracebridge .
    They are that desperate.
    Residents, with the help of the Province, had to educate the District on the Municipal Act to stop them. They are at it again now with mandatory connections even though Wasaga Beach already FAILED in court trying to force sewers. Google “Oppose Bracebridge Sewers” for documentation.

  2. “District of Muskoka Mission Statement of Managing our Legacy Together”. Try “Smugly Wasting Taxpayer Money”. Far more accurate. That’s what a Bracebridge resident put on a giant sign in front of one of the houses the District clowns blew up. That’s Duben’s legacy. To see a picture of the sign Google “Oppose Bracebridge Sewers”.

    • Wouldn’t you be cranky be if the District illegally tried to force you to pay $20,000+ plus $1,500/year forever? And then you find out they neglected to tell you how to stop them as required by the Provincial Municipal Act?
      Previously they had told residents how to stop them so they were rejected. With us they decided not to tell us how to stop them as required.
      Wouldn’t you be cranky if the District charged you far too much on your property taxes and then when you pointed it out they agreed it was a “mistake” but they were going to keep almost all of it? People from Gravenhurst were FAR more than cranky about that. Duben and Stevens were scolded by the district chair and a mayor for trying to “get away with” keeping the money. Video of that is on the website.


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