CT Scanner renovation ramps up at SMMH site


A multi-week replacement of the CT Scanner and renovation of the CT Scan Suite is about to get underway at the South Muskoka Memorial Hospital (SMMH) Site in Bracebridge.

With a significant funding commitment from the South Muskoka Hospital Foundation through the Get Better fundraising campaign, including a $500,000 donation from Brock and Willa Napier, the existing 16-slice CT scanner will be replaced with a new 128-slice CT scanner.

Natalie Bubela, Chief Executive Officer at Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare, says a CT scanner is a key piece of imaging equipment in health care today. It provides detailed three-dimensional images of the body to support a variety of diagnostic investigations and diagnoses, is critical to treatment planning, and reduces the need for exploratory surgery.

“For the past decade, the existing 16-slice scanner has served the South Muskoka community well, supporting care of more than 42,000 patients who have had CT scans,” explains Bubela. “Upgrading aging equipment helps us to better serve our community and provide a much-needed tool for improved diagnostics both for routine tests and for urgent traumas. The new CT scanner will support improved patient outcomes by capturing clearer images with greater detail, improving accuracy in interpretation and diagnoses.”

The renovation will take approximately seven weeks, commencing later this month by R&G Construction, with completion anticipated the first week of April. During the renovation period, the CT diagnostic service will continue at the SMMH Site for the majority of the renovation period. A portable CT scanner arrived on Tuesday, February 23 and has been installed adjacent to the Emergency Department.


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