Bird Studies Canada Looks For Volunteers To Participate In Canadian Lakes Loon Survey

Photo courtesy of Bird Studies Canada

Bird Studies Canada is looking for more volunteers to help survey the Common Loon across Canada.

Volunteers do not need experience to observe and report on the loon chicks at their local lake as a citizen scientist, and Bird Studies Canada will provide them with a kit to help them get started. The information collected will be included in the upcoming 40-year Loon Survey Report and is necessary to provide a true picture of the status of the Common Loon and the health of Canada’s lakes, according to Bird Studies Canada. Volunteers coordinated by Bird Studies Canada have performed the Canadian Lakes Loon Survey each year since 1981.

“More volunteers are needed to survey the Common Loon at lakes across Canada. These data will be vital to determine if loons are in decline, holding steady or making gains,” said Kathy Jones, Canadian Lakes Loon Survey volunteer coordinator for Bird Studies Canada.

Marlies and Dieter Schoenefeld joined Bird Studies Canada in 1986 out of concern for bird and environmental health and because they value their experience on Canadian lakes.

“We wanted to be part of an important survey, paddle our canoe, watch loons and have our observations included in research about bioindicators,” they said in a statement. “What a pleasure that was. Paddle with a purpose.”

If you will be at a lake in Canada at least one day in each of June, July and August, sign up for the Canadian Lakes Loon Survey on the Bird Studies Canada Website. To learn more click here or contact Kathy Jones, Canadian Lakes Loon Survey volunteer coordinator for Bird Studies Canada, at volunteer@birdscanada.orgor at 1-888-448-2473 ext. 124. For more information on Canada’s Common Loons, click here.


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