Another One Day Strike For Ontario High School Teachers


On Wednesday, December 11, teachers and education workers represented by the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation (OSSTF/FEESO) in certain school boards (see attached fact sheet) will take part in a one-day, full withdrawal of services in selected locations across Ontario.

• Near North District School Board
• Simcoe County District School Board
• Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Board
• Trillium Lakelands District School Board

On the same day, OSSTF/FEESO members in other school boards will hold information pickets in front of schools, at MPPs’ offices, and in other locations throughout the entire province.

These actions follow a one-day, province-wide walkout on December 4. A limited withdrawal of services, which began on November 26, will continue province-wide.

“Even after it was confirmed that the government’s own public consultations reveal overwhelming opposition to Doug Ford’s education agenda, the government is still refusing to engage in serious discussions about mandatory e-learning, class size, staffing, or any other issue that affects the learning environments in our schools,” said OSSTF/FEESO President Harvey Bischof.

“We are disappointed and mystified at the government’s apparent indifference to the legitimate and well-documented concerns of parents, students, and educators alike,” Bischof said. “Owing to that indifference, our efforts at the bargaining table and our job actions to this point have yielded virtually no progress. We have no choice but to continue our efforts.”

“We absolutely understand that our targeted job actions create a temporary disruption for the students and families affected. By contrast, the Doug Ford agenda, if it is allowed to be implemented, will create long-term disruption for students across the entire education system, and leave publicly-funded education in Ontario deeply and permanently damaged,” concluded Bischof.


  1. Perhaps Ford and his minions should listen to parents and stop making stuff up. 
    Search “Government consultation shows parents overwhelmingly reject class size increase: sources”

    Parents overwhelmingly REJECTED class size increases and mandatory e-learning.
    Ford didn’t like the results of the survey so he tried to hide them.
    He actually BLOCKED the Freedom of Information request of the survey results!!
    That’s the kind of opaque, dictatorial, embarrassing government we have folks.

    Ford used to claim the deficit was $15 billion in order to scare people into accepting massive cuts.
    Totally BOGUS.
    Search “Ontario’s financial watchdog says deficit ‘was never $15 billion’ as Doug Ford previously claimed”Headline: Province’s chief accountant quit after refusing to sign off on Fedeli’s $15 billion deficit figure
    Headline: Auditor corrects Ford on size of Liberal budget deficit

    Now, magically, Ford says Ontario’s economy is thriving so we can afford the $1.6 billion in spending he just made. Just not for education.
    Lecce claims the teacher’s demands would cost $1.5 billion more.
    Totally BOGUS.
    Try $200 million. Less than the $231 billion Ford just blew scrapping green energy projects. He said the cost would be ZERO.
    Totally BOGUS.
    Lecce also said he made a proposal to OSSTF.
    The mediator said that never happened.Totally BOGUS.

    Ford also said “I will REDUCE hydro costs by 12%”.
    Totally BOGUS.
    Rates just went UP 50% Nov 1 before rebates.
    Check out your Nov rates online.

    “Not a single person will lose their job”.
    Totally BOGUS.
    They are all married with kids.
    Search “Hundreds of Ontario public high school teachers laid off, so far”.
    You can’t believe anything Ford says.

    Not really “For the People” is he…
    He should correct that to “Against the People”.

  2. Search “Shout out to the journalist for calling out Education Minister Stephen Lecce on his lies about the strike” and watch the video.
    2nd highest paid in the country? Try 4th.
    Average $92K? Also wrong. $86.6K.
    $1.5 billion? Not even close.
    Did Lecce fail math?
    The entire education budget for all levels is $25 billion and they are talking about 1 or 2 %.
    OSSTF salaries are a small part of the total.Try $200 million.
    Less than the $231 million Ford just blew canceling green energy contracts after saying the cost would be ZERO.
    Totally BOGUS.
    Lecce keeps making stuff up.
    Just like Ford.


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