Annual Spring Sidewalk And Street Sweeping Program Starts In Gravenhurst


Road Operations crews are starting Gravenhurst’s annual spring street sweeping program on April 18 with the goal of cleaning all urban sidewalks and streets of sand and other debris deposited over the winter, according to an announcement from the town.

Residents can help by ensuring their vehicles do not overhang onto the road or sidewalk, by keeping basketball or hockey nets off the road and away from the edge of the curb, and by ensuring waste and recycling containers are not placed on the road. Locals are also instructed not to park on the road during street sweeping operations and to avoid sweeping or pushing sand and other debris into piles on the road because the sweeper will not be able to remove it effectively. Street sweeping operations typically begin with sidewalk sweeping followed by a week or two of street sweeping and the town will also begin sweeping downtown sidewalks on April 18.

Private roadways are not swept by Public Works as this is not the responsibility of the town, according to the announcement. It also said that the town staff appreciates patience from residents as the sweeping program continues for several weeks and the town will provide updates as required.


  1. Oh big surprise. I live on the supposed shit hole pave road called the Jones road. It hasn’t been swept let alone maintained in over 15 years. and the public works is located ob or just off the Jones Rd.Maybe the Muskoka411 can put a word in about this. I don’t use the over budget pool because my family can’t afford to go there but I certainly pay the tax for the town’s screw up. Time to give back to us year round residence.


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