Animal Carcasses Discovered in Awenda Provincial Park


Southern Georgian Bay OPP are currently investigating the discovery of animal carcasses in Awenda Provincial Park.

On Saturday December 10, 2016 before 1 p.m. a concerned citizen contacted the OPP after they came upon the carcass remains of a fur bearing animal that appears to be that of a coyote. The carcasses were located close to the snow mobile trail on Concession 17 East in Tiny Township.

Police also received information that the carcass remains of three other similar type animals were found four days prior to December 10, just inside the main entrance of  Awenda Provincial Park.

The Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act prohibits hunting in various Provincial Parks including Awenda Provincial Park. The OPP and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry are continuing the investigation.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Ministry of Natural Resources Tip Line at 1-877-TIPS or the MNR main office at 705-725-7500.



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