2020 Canadian Show Ski Team Selected


Show Ski Canada, a council of Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada, has announced the individuals who have been selected to the 2020 Canadian World Show Ski Team. The championships will be hosted in Yarrawonga, Australia, at The Mulwala Water Ski Club in March 2020. In addition to Canada, the championships will feature show ski teams from Australia, Belgium, Germany, China and the United States.

“Representing Canada at any sporting event is a huge honour and responsibility and we welcome all team members and congratulate them on this exciting accomplishment. We have put together a great team and are looking forward to working with the group before and at the 2020 Worlds Tournament in Australia” said the Show Ski Council.

The members of the team are:

Charlie Newlands (ON)
Todd Hounsome (ON)
Steph Ouellette-Rienks (ON)
Craig Waites (ON)
Christina Nadalin (ON)
Carly Anne (ON)
Taylor West (ON)
Jordan Long (ON)
Darby Paddon (ON)
Erika Downing (ON)
Bella Downing (ON)
Eleanor Waite (ON)
Dez Bisschops (ON)
Paul Knight (ON)
David Brandstetter (ON)
Katelyn Fairbrass (ON)
Jenny Fairbrass (ON)
Peter Mills (ON)
Ian Pegg (ON)
Lindsay McKenzie (ON)
Trevor Zister (ON)
Austin Artichuk (ON)
Jeff Knight (ON)
Landen Letwin (ON)
Mark Downing (ON)
Hal Hunter (ON)
Steve Morrison (ON)
Kelly Goggins (ON)
Jeremy Dyck (ON)

*There are still five skiing spots and one sound spot open. The Show Ski Canada Committee holds the right to add additional athletes to the roster at any point and time. We will be filling those additional spots throughout the Spring and Summer of 2019.

Contact Show Ski Canada: Showskicanada@wswc.ca

Photo Credit: David Crowder


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