2019 Gravenhurst Daisy Award Winners Announced

The ‘Daisy Awards’ is an annual program giving recognition to Gravenhurst residents whose front yard gardening and landscape efforts contribute to a more beautiful, tidy and attractive community. On Sunday August 11, winners were presented with their Daisy Award. A full photo album of winning properties will be featured on the Town’s Facebook page later this week!
Congratulations to the following recipients:
Andrew Sun & Lillian Kahle
Linda & Eric Potts
June Gairusso
Pam & John Binnington
George & Colleen Blight
Elaine Wallwin
Patricia Van Heerde
Jennifer & Mike Mandigo
Audrey Brown
Sandra Carnell
Norm & Jean Goring
John Peacock
Helen Waters
Barb Weismiller
Bethune House/Parks Canada
Carl Gibson
Teresa Urash
Brenda Gabitous
Lindsay Nelan & Nathan Martin
Pat Wright
Al & Jean Hunter
Maggie Keates
Linda Barnes
Rennie Haid
Lynda Valcourt
Heather McIlravey
Cyndi & Elmer Tryon
Heather Denomy
Norman Richmond
Erica Winiker
John & Marilyn DeLang
Michelle Kustermans
Emily & Wayne Williamson
Elaine Collins
Carol Miller
Donna Harms & Brian Chambers


Audrey Brown
Heather McIlravey
Norman Richmond
Michelle Kustermans


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