2019 Gravenhurst Built Heritage Awards Recipients Announced


New and Old Properties Honoured within the Town of Gravenhurst

The Town of Gravenhurst Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee is pleased to announce this year’s recipients of the Built Heritage Awards. The 2019 recipients include:

  • 210 North Street
  • 160 Muskoka Beach Road
  • 170 Muskoka Beach Road
  • 610 Philip Street East
  • 290 Muskoka Road South (Rombo’s Restaurant)

“The Municipal Heritage Committee recognizes recent projects that are culturally significant, aesthetically pleasing, are of good quality and craftsmanship or projects that restore or showcase a building’s heritage features,” explained Michael Wayling, Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee Chair.

This Award is a way of recognizing projects that exemplify Gravenhurst’s Built Heritage and it promotes high quali­ty projects that otherwise may go unnoticed. Since its inception in 2013, the Committee has awarded over 25 Built Heritage Awards to properties across the municipality. These properties are nominated and awarded by members of the Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee.

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