Sobering Sleep Survey: Canadians Spending More Time In Bed … But Not Having Much Fun


Leva Sleep,  Canada’s best reviewed adjustable bed retailer, recently commissioned a survey of 1000 Canadians to see how we are sleeping at night as a nation and to highlight what is currently haunting their dreams during the COVID-19 crisis.

Key findings of the survey (Nationally):

a) We’re spending more time in bed
Nearly half of Canadians (47.2%) report spending more time in bed since the COVID crisis started. Women report spending more time in bed (54.4%) than men (45.6%).

b) But what are we actually doing in Bed?
Only 4.7% of Canadians said that they are ‘entertaining’ in bed vs. 36.6% who are sleeping. Only 11.7% are watching tv, being on social media (8.4%), not sleeping (5.3%), or eating (2.8%).

c) Men may be having more fun in bed:  Of the respondents who answered that they are ‘entertaining’ in bed, 63.0% were men vs. 37.0% of women. On the flip side, women are sleeping better 54.3% vs. 45.7% of men.

d) What’s haunting our dreams?
COVID is keeping us up at night … of course

Unsurprisingly, COVID is consistently keeping 20.6% of Canadians up at night, but they may be more worried about what’s to come than the current crisis. Asked what’s really keeping them awake at night, Canadians are 7.8% more concerned about the second wave of COVID-19 (28.4% vs. 20.6%). Canadian Women (53.6%) are much more concerned about the second wave than men 46.4%.

e) Politics are perplexing Canadians … but mostly American politics
Asked what is currently keeping them up at night 28.5% of Canadians reported ‘politics.’ Interestingly only 11.7% are being kept up by Canadian politics vs. 16.8% by American politics.

f) An Easy fix?
Nationally, nearly a quarter (24.6%) of Canadians said that their beds are in need of an upgrade. Significantly more men (55.2%) say they are being kept awake at night by an uncomfortable bed vs. women (44.8%).

“Obviously Canadians are having a hard time keeping a healthy sleep schedule during the Pandemic,” said Matthew Timmins, Founder and Managing Director of Leva Sleep. “If an upgrade to a better and more comfortable bed is possible, it might be an easy fix to keep everyone sleeping at night.”

Provincial proclivities:


  • Could be having the most fun in bed! Asked what they are doing the most in bed since COVID broke out, 7.9% said they are ‘entertaining.’ This is significantly more than BC (3.9%), the Prairies (AB, MB and SK combined) at 2.7%, Quebec (1.3%) and Atlantic Canada (0%).
  • Are the most in need of an upgrade in their sleeping situation. Over a quarter (25.4%) report needing a bed upgrade more than any other upgrade in the home.
  • Are spending more time in bed (31.8%) than any other place in their homes. Over half (50.5%), say they are spending more time in bed since COVID broke out.

British Columbians:

  • Are being kept up by politics. American politics are keeping 22.6% of them up at night. In contrast, only 7.5% reported missing sleep due to Canadian politics.
  • Are more concerned with the second wave of COVID than any other province. 32.5% report it is ‘keeping them up at night’ compared to Atlantic Canada (32.0%), Ontario and Quebec (both 28.7%) and the Prairies (22.8%).
  • 40.4% of British Columbians say they are ‘sleeping’ the most in bed since COVID broke out, more than any other province.


  • Are losing sleep over catching COVID. 28.1% reported the current crisis is what’s keeping them up at night. They are even more concerned with the second wave of COVID, 31.4% say it’s what is really keeping them awake at night.
  • Are spending the least amount of time in bed compared to the rest of the country, only 22.5% of Manitobans report sp­ending more time in bed since COVID broke out.
  • Say they are spending more time on couch (57.1%) than any other place in their homes.

SOURCE Leva Sleep


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