Sand Available For Severn River Residents

Photo Credit: Mark Quemby ‏

As a proactive and preventative measure against localized flooding, The Town of Gravenhurst has made sand and sand bags available to residents who are concerned with rising water levels. The two locations for residents to obtain sand for their properties are as follows;
  • Severn River Road E (cul-de-sac)  -1022 East Severn River Road (turnaround)
  • Cowbell Lane – 1102 Cowbell Lane (turnaround)
The latest public works report from the area indicates that Severn River Rd West is flooded from 1123 to the end (roughly 100M-120M) and ranging between 4-8” in depth. The Town of Gravenhurst continues to monitor the area. Please be advised and respective of road closure signage in place. More information will be shared as it may become available.


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