RVH Launches New Wayfinding App

Photo courtesy of RVH

In ongoing efforts to improve the patient and visitor experience, Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre (RVH) has launched a new wayfinding app.

“Since the COVID-19 pandemic, navigating within RVH has changed dramatically due to the closure of some entrances, the absence of our beloved volunteers to assist with directions and changes to department locations. We know this can be a stressful experience, so one of the ways we are addressing this is by introducing the RVH Maps app to make finding your way around the health centre easier,” says Nancy Savage, executive vice president, Patient & Family Experience, regional vice president, Cancer Care Ontario and Chief Nursing Executive.

The RVH Maps app is a step-by-step navigation tool that helps direct patients and visitors to any RVH location, including off-site locations. The app provides a directory of RVH departments, treatment clinics, programs and services along with detailed directions of how to get to a destination. When the RVH maps app is launched from home, the app will navigate users to RVH using google maps, then will display a 3-D map of RVH with written and voice prompt directions that follows the user, even rerouting them if they go of course. It is available in mobile app stores (Apple and Google Play) by searching and downloading ‘RVH Maps’ or by visiting RVH Maps on the web.

The RVH Maps app was developed with broad consultation from internal and external stakeholders, including our Patient Family Advisory Council. Our volunteers also played a significant role in the design and functionality of the app which will work in conjunction with our volunteers’ in-person wayfinding once they safely return to RVH.


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