Potential Damages That Can Result From Moving Firewood


Help Stop the Destruction of Canadian Trees

Trees clean our air, filter ground water, increase property value, enhance our quality of life and contribute to economic prosperity in the forestry sector. Forests provide Canadians with places to camp, hike, bike and relax with friends and family. With all the benefits that our trees provide us, it is critical to keep them healthy for future generations.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is reminding everyone travelling to cottages and campgrounds of the potential damages that can result from moving firewood.

Moving firewood spreads pests – destructive insects that attack and damage plants and trees. Once a tree is cut into firewood, it can be difficult to identify its species. This means that it can be hard to predict which threatening pests may be in or on the wood. If you move a piece of firewood from one area to another, the pests can be brought along too.

Once in a new environment, some pests, plants and diseases can settle in and cause serious damage to our forests where we enjoy the outdoor activities that make Canada so great. They can kill trees, which affects our air and water quality and the habitat of local animals. With an average of over $4.2 billion spent on controlling invasive species annually, it can also have a profound impact on our economy.

If you live in a regulated area, don’t move firewood outside of the area. Even if you’re moving firewood throughout non-regulated areas, limit the distance it travels. Buy or cut wood locally, where you’ll be burning it. To learn more about the dangers of pests and the movement of firewood, visit the CFIA’s website or Facebook page.


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