[Photos] Donations Continue To Roll In For Santa Claus Charity Water Ski Show

Photo courtesy of Brent Waites

Donations are still rolling in for this year’s Santa Claus Charity Water Ski Show, which raised over $1,000 and 2,500 pounds of food in support of the Lions Club Christmas Food Drive.

The event on Nov. 9 was an unbelievable success, says organizer Scott Waites, with people from all over the province attending to create the biggest audience the event has ever had. The show on Mirror Bay in Kearney featured 14 acts as well as Santa and his crew handing out candy canes to visitors. Waites and other organizers behind the show challenged the community to collect 2,000 pounds of food for the fifth annual event this year.

Photo by Andre Plouffe

“We were blown away because the mayor got up and announced that we were well over the target,” Waites said. “It’s nice because it’s a bit of a victory within the community. I think a lot of times in the summertime when the cottage country is so busy, we don’t realize that there are these people that are struggling.”

Along with surpassing the goal for food, Waites is still receiving donations for the event, which brought in over $1,000. He’s excited to build on this year’s success by making next year even bigger and better.

“We’re just going to add more elements to it,” Waites said. “I could see down the road [having] a whole Christmas Carnival on the street.”

Photo by Andre Plouffe

Waites, who acts as Santa for the event, said that along with the great work being done for the community, the show means a lot to the children that attend as well. A girl came up to him asking for a photo with Santa at this year’s show and, a few minutes later, she came back for a photo with Santa and Mrs. Claus. She then returned a third time, hoping to get another shot, this time with Santa, Mrs. Claus and the Grinch.

“I said, ‘Well I just hope you have the best Christmas ever,’ and she goes ‘I don’t want anything for Christmas. This was my Christmas present today,’” Waites said. “I almost had a tear come down my face.”

See pictures from this year’s Santa Claus Charity Water Ski Show below, and mark your calendars for next year’s event on Nov. 7, 2020. Photos by Andre Plouffe


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