Owners Of Muskoka Shipyards Looking To Sell

Photo courtesy of Tim Webb

The Muskoka Shipyards is up for sale.

Owners Tim Webb and Dave Campbell opened the Shipyards in 2017 as a way to bring flash retail to Muskoka, and now the couple is looking for new owners as they work toward retirement. The 4,000-square-foot marketplace in Gravenhurst hosts a variety of shops and services with a mix of permanent and pop-up vendors. Webb said they have no plans to close and are hoping to find a new owner that will continue running the market in the same way it currently operates. Webb and Campbell notified their vendors of the news via email.

“It is our most earnest hope and our expectation that we will be able to find somebody by the end of the year to take it over and hopefully run it in the same format, or at least a format that will still be beneficial to the wharf and the town,” Webb said.

Webb said he and Campbell spoke to a couple of interested parties over the summer and are still in conversation with several possible buyers.

“Dave and I are looking for somebody that has fresh, new ideas that they can bring to this because it was a fresh, new idea when Dave and I created it,” he said. “We think that it’s time for it to be taken to the next level, and we think somebody that’s excited in the concept would be able to take it to the next level.”


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