OPP Laid A Total Of 1,508 Distracted Driving Charges During March Break


The OPP were highly visible over the March Break as they sought out and spotted a number of drivers who were holding or using a hand-held electronic device during their Distracted Driving Campaign (March 11-17, 2019).

During the province-wide initiative, the OPP laid a total of 1,508 distracted driving charges. Officers laid an additional 51 distraction-related careless driving charges against drivers who were caught dividing their attention between driving and some other activity that made roads unsafe.

So far this year, the OPP has laid over 2,000 distracted driving charges.

The OPP is reminding drivers about the increased distracted driving penalties that took effect on January 1, 2019. The new penalties include a fine increase up to $1,000, three demerit points and a three-day licence suspension. Novice drivers also face longer licence suspensions under the new laws.



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