OPP Arrest Same Person On Three Separate Occassions


Almaguin Highlands OPP arrested a Strong Township resident on three separate occasions for bail violations and impaired operation.

Dawn Miller, age 24 of Strong Township, is currently on a recognizance of bail and on several conditions, including a curfew for charges that occurred in North Bay Ontario. On Friday June 26, 2020 at 9:20 p.m. police attended Miller’s home to check that the rules of the recognizance were being followed. The accused was not at her home and was later arrested and charged with Breach of Recognizance and Driving while under suspension.

On Saturday June 27, 2020 Police were called to a Tower Road, Strong Township residence were an altercation had taken place. Police investigation revealed that the accused was impaired, had assaulted another person and drove her vehicle. Police also seized a quantity of cocaine and crystal methamphetamine. The accused was arrested and charged with the following offences:

  • Assault
  • Operation while impaired – alcohol and drugs
  • Failure or refusal to comply with demand
  • Failure to comply with release order – other than to attend court
  • Possession of a schedule I substance – Methamphetamine
  • Possession of a schedule I substance – cocaine

On Tuesday June 30, 2020 at 12:45 a.m. police conducted a traffic stop on Ryerson Crescent, Burk’s Falls. The driver was identified as the accused who was subsequently arrested for breaching a recognizance order, a curfew and Driving while under suspension.

The accused was released from police custody on all charges and is scheduled to appear in Sundridge Court on Thursday September 24, 2020.


  1. Why? Why would this person with no regard for the law be allowed to walk after all this? What a complete lack of judgement on the part of law enforcement and the judiciary powers. No wonder North America is demanding police reform.

  2. if this loser doesnt get major time IM going to gather all those who despise the creep and raise hell about it. IT shouldnt be allowed to be free. Nobody is happy about this

  3. @ Mr.Clark….sorry about that. I agree that being compared to Americans is an insult. I was only trying to describe how wide a problem this is becoming.

  4. I’ve been a police officer for almost 20 years and this is what frustrates us the most. We do our jobs and arrest these idiots and the judiciary just let them back. It’s like groundhog day. We need to boot out all these left wing judges and elect people that are tough on criminals and actually support victim. What a topsy turvie world we are living in.


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