Ongoing Attention To Math Is The Focus For TLDSB After EQAO Results Released


Trillium Lakelands District School Board is seeing consistency in grade 6 assessments according to results released today by the Education Quality and Assessment Office (EQAO). However, grade 3 results dropped in all three assessment areas – reading, writing, and math.

Reading and writing results in grade 6 are holding steady and indicate a slight decline of 1 per cent in math. The provincial results also dropped by 1 per cent in grade 6 math.

“It is important to maintain our standard of high expectations for our students and we will continue a concentrated effort to improve math results,” stated Director of Education, Larry Hope. “Our math programs, augmented this year with a renewed focus on fundamentals, will be closely monitored for impact on student achievement.”

Ongoing attention on math in TLDSB includes a focus on students with special needs for both grade 3 and grade 6 math. The board will continue to place emphasis on professional development in math, and allow teachers to make classroom changes that are connected to student assessment information.

Eighty-three per cent of grade 9 TLDSB academic level students achieved levels 3 and 4 in math. TLDSB students at the applied level continue to achieve at levels 3 and 4 at a higher rate than the provincial average. The board is currently piloting programs in secondary schools that are focused on key math skills using a new diagnostic tool.

“Our commitment to high levels of student achievement will not waver,” says Chairperson Louise Clodd. “Our staff, administrators, and system leaders are dedicated to improvements in learning for all of our students.”

TLDSB will continue to build on these results in the future by staying focused on the goals outlined in the Multi-Year Strategic Plan, ‘Embrace Learning’. More information on results may be found on the EQAO website.


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