New Production At Patrick Fogarty A Unique Twist On Favourite High School Musical


Written by Bianca Lenssen, Student Journalist

A new production at Patrick Fogarty Catholic Secondary School in Orillia (PF), directed by Ms. Osburn, is a unique twist on fan favourite High School Musical. Using the original soundtrack and songs, students are currently working hard to create their own version of this much loved classic movie.

Traditionally, PF does a musical once every two years. However, the students enjoyed performing in Sister Act so much last year that it was decided to try another, smaller production this year as well. Because the school band was at Carnegie Hall, it was decided to put on a play rather than a musical.

When asked about the selection of the play, Ms. Osburn stated that, “There were a few options, but High School Musical is always popular among the students and the parody aspect of it created comedy. Since I teach drama, I really looked forward to seeing the kids try different types of acting, such as comedy, which they all did very well.”

In the end, several songs were put in, and Mr. Hiltz was gracious enough to put together a small pit band. The show was performed four times, once for the Catholic elementary schools that gathered in the gym at PF, one buyout for the students on a Friday, and then two night shows. Ms. Osburn even said that one of the actors just ‘went for it’ and some improvisation occurred, which no one was expecting, but enjoyed nonetheless.


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