Muskoka Lakes Warns Residents Of Possible Evacuations As Waters Continue To Rise

Photo courtesy of Geordie Newlands

The Township of Muskoka Lakes is advising residents that water levels will continue to rise over the next 24 hours and in the coming days, which could lead to evacuations.

Lake Muskoka may rise another 12 centimetres by Sunday evening and water levels are also expected to rise on Lake Joseph, Lake Rosseau and along the Moon River. The township has public works staff and volunteer firefighters working to evaluate and monitor at risk roads and properties across the municipality. In some circumstances, they may be knocking on doors to confirm occupancy and alert citizens to the potential impacts of high water. Property owners in low-lying areas are urged to take precautionary measures to protect their property and be prepared that in the next 48 hours they may be asked to vacate their property.

The Township of Muskoka Lakes Emergency Control Group met Saturday afternoon to discuss the situation and may issue a further update if required by Sunday evening. Residents are encouraged to monitor local media outlets, the MNRF and the Township of Muskoka Lakes website for updates.

The Township is currently accessing additional sandbags as they are in limited supply across the province. Sandbags are for the protection of homes and accommodations only. The Township has made sand, sandbags and shovels available at the Glen Orchard Yard (3951 Muskoka Road 169), Patterson Yard (1078 Raymond Road) and Bala Sports Park (3224 Muskoka Road 169) on a fill-your-own basis.

For more information on flooding, visit the Township of Muskoka Lakes Watershed Alerts and Notices page on the township website. For a Municipal Emergency contact after hours, call 1-705-765-3156. For Emergency Services, call 911.



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