Meghan Shannon Seeks Nomination As Conservative Federal Election Candidate For Parry Sound-Muskoka

Photo courtesy of Meghan Shannon

Meghan Shannon has announced that she is seeking the Conservative Party of Canada nomination for Parry Sound-Muskoka in the upcoming federal election.

Shannon recently ran for the Conservative nomination in Waterloo, but lost the bid to Jerry Zhang on April 2. Shannon majored in Geography at the University of Guelph and completed a Master’s of Environmental Studies in Tourism Policy and Planning at the University of Waterloo. She then completed a PhD in Geography and Environmental Management, specializing in rural economic development and traveling to rural communities to research adaptation and diversification approaches to changing economic landscapes in Canada. Shannon also worked as the manager for a non-profit agency that serves at-risk youth.

“Having been born and raised in the small town of MacTier, I know full well the challenges and opportunities that exist in these beautiful northern communities,” Shannon said in a statement. “Recently completing a PhD in the field of rural economic development, it is a privilege to now have an opportunity to apply this knowledge to improve the lives of those living in the riding of Parry Sound-Muskoka.”

Shannon said she believes that the current Liberal Government is impeding economic development and job creation by imposing high taxes and increasing regulations on small businesses and major industries.

“As someone who is well educated in both the environment and economic development, I oppose the Liberal Government’s plan to implement a carbon tax that would have a disproportionately negative financial impact on lower-income Canadians and senior citizens,” Shannon said. “I also oppose Justin Trudeau’s Liberals’ policies that are deeply rooted in an ideology that inhibits freedom of thought and expression.”

To read Shannon’s full statement, click here.


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