Local Artist Tim Rice’s “Presents In Absentia” Show Opens At Huntsville Gallery

Tim Rice. Photo by Maddie Binning

Artist Tim Rice invites you to see the “beauty behind some of the blemishes” at his show “Presents in Absentia” running from April 6 to 27 at the Framing Place & Gallery in Huntsville.

The show explores the gifts of loss through the layering and removal of paint because “sometimes the removal of paint creates a more significant mark than the application,” said Rice. Inspired by Magritte, the collection also explores the creative process and the notion of representation in art. It features works created with acrylic paint along with various objects and repurposed materials. Rice has a history of substance abuse and has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, which inspired him to start playing with different materials on a variety of surfaces as his recovery began in 2010. Creating art has been an important part of his recovery and his experience with mental illness.

“It’s an outlet for one, and it’s positive and creative,” Rice said. “It’s a way to not make the world a worse place.”

Window Simulacrum 2 by Tim Rice. Photo by Maddie Binning

Rice, a Huntsville native, encourages gallery attendees to get close to the paintings and even touch the works, saying that the art is meant to be an experience. He hopes to remind people “to pay attention and see the beauty behind some of the blemishes.”

“Here I didn’t colour match properly and different things happened, but I like the result,” he said, pointing to a grey patch on the upper corner of Window Simulacrum 2. “I go into it consciously thinking I’m going to make something but not necessarily knowing what it’s going to look like.”

Creativity is part of the gift and the curse that is bipolar disorder, Rice said, so making the images with paint and other objects has been a way for him to “create something out of what might be a negative situation.” He’s been making images since around 2010, but he’s been interested in art his whole life, producing and directing plays in addition to writing novels.

To learn more about Tim Rice and see the works available for purchase at the Framing Place & Gallery, click here. Follow Tim Rice on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated with his work.

The sign for Tim Rice’s show “Presents in Absentia” in front of the Framing Place & Gallery in Huntsville. Photo by Maddie Binning


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