Letter Writer: Snow, Ice and everything nice.


This weekend I was overjoyed to hear about some local Gravenhurst business owners who were able to help out some artisans in need. Glen and Mary from Ice Cream Ice Cream and Muskoka Retro have not only become a part of the Historic Downtown Gravenhurst Landscape they have become integral. Creating an innovative way for artisans to sell their goods and to animate a space in the downtown shows not only the business acumen that our local businesses have but the outstanding customer services that they can provide. Gravenhurst Business owners truly welcome people to our town, as the first faces many people will see when coming to the town, to welcoming new residents and business owners at events, I am blown away by how much sense of community a little town can have. Gravenhurst may not have always been in the best of places nor have some projects always worked out the way we wanted them to; however it is truly the people that keep this town going. In the face of adversity and change, your commitment, your passion and your above all love of Gravenhurst have created a place where many will want to live and work. It seems that every day I am hearing how people have had an awesome day in our town. If you are a Gravenhurst resident, pat yourself on the back. If you are a Gravenhurst business owner give yourself a highfive next time you walk past the mirror. Each and everyone one of you deserve it, and remember the things that you do make a difference in the lives of those around you, you make others proud to call Gravenhurst home.

Signed A new and passionate Gravenhurst Resident

Jeff L


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