Lake Of Baes T-Shirts A Hit At Camp New Moon

Camp New Moon staff wearing the Lake of BAES t-shirts from Muskoka411

After a sleep-in and breakfast, counsellors, directors and kitchen staff at Camp New Moon outside Lake of Bays, Ontario went shopping! They needed only to go as far as the camp’s office where Muskoka411 set up a pop-up shop to supply the rest of the camp with the popular, Lake of Beas shirts.

Using the popular texting acronym, B.A.E., we produced a line of colourful t-shirts that we knew would resonate with a younger audience. Meaning, Before, Anyone Else, the acronym today replaces the oh-so-passé, “boyfriend/girlfriend’ and ‘babe’! The shirts have become an instant classic. A few New Moon counsellors discovered our shirts and excitedly texted their friends to let them know about them.

As summer camp season begins to wind down we wanted to make sure the rest of the enthusiastic international staff of New Moon had their own “unofficial camp uniform” as one counsellor described the shirt. Thanks to New Moon’s owner and directors, Jack and Sue Goodman, along with assistant director and son Zack and sister Zoë who helps runs special programmes, for welcoming Muskoka411 to their camp. After 53 summers, Camp New Moon is still family run, vibrant and filled with excited laughter and energy. Together they make a colourful tight-knit family from around the world.


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