KP Manson PS Students Spread Kindness at Muskoka Shores


Week of Kindness occurs in TLDSB school each November. This year it was from November 21 – 25, 2016. The purpose of Week of Kindness is to remind students and the community what bullying is (and is not), remind students and the community what supports are available to someone who feels they are being bullied, engages students in defining what kind of culture we would like to see in our schools daily (kind, safe, inclusive, accepting), and demonstrates to students how to ‘choose kindness’ both that week, and all the time.

About 40 Grade 2 -3 students from KP Manson Public School (Severn Bridge) students went to Muskoka Shores Care Community to spend some time with the residents. Grade 3’s made cookies, and the grade 2 students worked together to create ornaments. A great example of how TLDSB schools are teaching students a greater sense of community, and spreading a little kindness every day.



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