Keep Fire Safety Top of Mind This Summer


With summer finally here, the Gravenhurst By-law and Fire Department would like to remind everyone in Gravenhurst about burning regulations and safety. As of April 1st, daytime burning is prohibited until October 31st. In Ward 1, all open air burning is prohibited at all times. Areas outside Ward 1 are permitted to have contained and supervised fires 2 hours before sunset through to 2 hours after sunrise, but again no daytime burning is allowed.

 “It doesn’t take much for a burning ember from a fire pit to be carried a considerable distance in a brisk wind, potentially starting an unwanted fire on a neighbouring property, near a vehicle or structure,” said Robert King, fire prevention officer. “Abiding by the open air burning by-law regulations will greatly lessen the chances of that happening,” he added.

Keep in mind the following when burning:

  • Only class A Combustibles can be burned
  • Fires must be 15 metres from all structures and vehicles
  • Fires cannot exceed 2 X 2 metres in size
  • Fires are not permitted in windy conditions
  • Smoke cannot impair motorists or other residents
  • Fires must be attended at all times with a water supply readily available
  • Zero tolerance for burning during declared fire bans

These factors are enforced proactively and on complaint basis throughout the burning season and can levy fines from $200.00 to $350.00.

We recognize that the winter has been hard on trees, shrubs and plants around our properties and that there is likely a lot of dead-fall you want to clean up. Instead of burning these materials we encourage you to take them to the local landfill where they will eventually be turned into mulch that can be re-used to keep our green spaces fresh and healthy.

Photo Credit: Town of Gravenhurst


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