Jason’s No Frills Raises $5,000 For Paediatrics At Soldiers’

Lisa Steeves (centre left), Jason’s No Frills Front End Supervisor and Jason King (centre right), Jason’s No Frills Owner present a cheque for $5,000 to Brittany Wilson (left), OSMH Foundation Development Officer and Lisa Wanamaker OSMH Foundation Development Officer.

Give a little, help a lot. Jason’s No Frills and the store’s loyal customers raised $5,000 to go toward the purchase of a Central Patient Monitoring System (CPMS) for Soldiers’ Paediatric Unit.

“The sentiment behind No Frills’ latest campaign nicely sums up the cumulative impact of a fundraiser like this in the Soldiers’ community,” said Lisa Wanamaker, Development Officer, OSMH Foundation. “When everyone gives what they can, under the leadership of an incredible community partner like Jason’s No Frills, we are able to accomplish so much good for the Hospital.”

The $5,000 donation from the Give a little, help a lot campaign will go towards securing a CPMS that will allow medical staff to continuously monitor a child’s condition from the nursing station. Families of Soldiers’ most vulnerable patients will be able to rest more easily knowing the vital signs of their sick children are constantly being observed from a central location and that quick action can be taken should an issue arise.

“As a member of the community, it is nice to be able to offer something like this to benefit our Hospital, especially in support of the paediatric program,” said Jason King, Owner, Jason’s No Frills. “I owe a big thanks to our amazing customers who continue to support us one donation at a time, year after year.”

On top of this annual point of sale partnership, Jason’s No Frills has committed to a five year pledge of $25,000. If you would like to help secure vital equipment purchases for the Hospital, please contact the Foundation office today at 705-325-6464 or found@osmh.on.ca.


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