“I STOP, YOU STOP” Is The Message During School Bus Safety Week


From October 22-26, 2018, the OPP are sharing a message during School Bus Safety Week using the message “I STOP, YOU STOP”. The goal is to educate the public about the requirements of stopping for school buses, keeping our children safe and reducing the number of vehicles that fail to stop for a school bus.

Every day in Ontario, dozens of drivers are disobeying the school bus lights. The OPP have responded to several reported incidents involving school bus complaints and violations over the past 5 years.

The OPP travels school bus routes every day observing for aggressive driving and drivers who fail to stop for the red flashing lights of the school bus.

When there is no median, motorists travelling in both directions, must stop for a stopped school bus that has its overhead red signal lights flashing. Drivers are not to proceed until the lights on the school bus have stopped flashing. The stop arm is not required to be extended.

Vehicle owners can also be charged if their vehicle illegally passes a stopped school bus, regardless of who is driving the vehicle at the time.

Bicycles (which are considered vehicles under the HTA) are also subject to the same laws as motor vehicles, so they must also stop for the red overhead signals of a school bus.

Penalties include fines from $400 to $4000, up to six months in jail and six demerit points upon conviction for drivers.

The next time you are driving and see a school bus, give it space, ease off the gas, and remember that it could stop at any time.


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