Huntsville Man Stopped For Speeding Also Charged With Impaired Driving


A Huntsville man has been arrested and charged with impaired driving after officers stopped him while conducting speed enforcement on Highway 11 in Bracebridge on March 20.

Officers were conducting speed enforcement on Highway 11 near Alpine Ranch Road when shortly after 10 p.m., they observed a car travelling 30 kilometres per hour over the speed limit. Officers followed and stopped the speeding car, which led to a roadside breath test that resulted in the driver’s arrest.

Frank Berg, 43, of Huntsville has been charged with Impaired Operation and Speeding. Berg will appear before the Ontario Court of Justice in Bracebridge on April 9 to answer to his charges.


  1. The sentence came down yesterday on a young man who killed a father of 2! His punishment for the impaired driving causing death was 5 years! He will probably be out in 2 for good behaviour, along with a 8 year ban on driving! Until we stop saying that these criminals and that is exactly what they are, has mental issues and a troubled past and he is she is such a good kid, it is except-able for them to act like this, these plea bargains will not go away, light sentences will not go away! Hit these impaired drivers / distracted drivers where it hurts! Automatic jail time, 10 year driving suspension! If they kill someone even hit them harder! Build more jails, employes more people! People aren’t listening! We have all the laws for criminals, NO JUSTICE, for the ones left behind!


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