Huntsville Launches Live Streaming for Regular Council Meetings

Photo Credit: Ontario Tourism

You can now stay informed of Town of Huntsville business from anywhere, as the Municipality is announcing that regular Council Meetings will now be streamed live online at

“It is important to us that our residents are aware of Town business and can participate in the decision-making process,” said Mayor Scott Aitchison. “We have a thriving community of busy residents, business owners and young families – we realize that not everyone can attend these evening meetings, and hope this new service will make Council business more accessible for everyone.”

Partnered with CogecoTV the Municipality is offering this service for the community for a trial period until the end of December 2017. “We are hoping everyone has a chance to watch the live stream and let us know what they think by filling out the online survey available at,” said Deputy Clerk Crystal Best-Sararas.

The next Town of Huntsville regular council meeting starts at 7 p.m. September 25 at Town Hall, 37 Main Street East. Residents who are interested in watching the Council meeting from their mobile, tablet or desktop device should visit the Town’s revamped Council & Committee page online for details.


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