Huntsville Council Urges Province To Improve Safety Along Hwy. 11


Huntsville council called on the Provincial government to improve road safety on Highway 11 by replacing at-grade intersections between Huntsville and Bracebridge with overpasses and bridges.

Huntsville council voted unanimously on a motion urging the province to move forward on the safety improvements by including them in the 2020 budget and the Ministry of Transportation’s 5-year plan for infrastructure improvements.

According to information obtained by a Freedom of Information request to the Ministry of Transportation, there have been more than 950 accidents on the stretch of Hwy. 11 in the past 10 years – much more than originally understood.

The Ontario government studied safety conditions on the highway a decade ago. It found that closing seven at-grade intersections and replacing them with a combination of interchanges and flyovers would dramatically improving road safety.

The plans were approved by an Order-in-Council of the Provincial government, but construction never got underway.

Yesterday’s resolution builds on the efforts by Safer Highway 11 Muskoka, a grassroots community group, that has launched a petition with the support of several hundred residents and cottage associations calling on the provincial government to fund these improvements. 

A similar motion is headed to Bracebridge Council on September 24.


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