Holiday Crime Prevention Tips For Businesses

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The OPP remind businesses to exercise caution, especially this time of year with the increase of holiday spending, through reinforcement and review of crime prevention measures.


–  Ensure that all staff review current internal crime prevention policies and are
aware of their surroundings. This includes recognizing the behaviours of clients; it can
go a long way toward preventing a crime from occurring.

–  Make certain that time deposit safes are in place and locked.

–  Video surveillance measures are in place and properly adjusted to assist with the
identification of persons should a crime occur.

–  In order to minimize any potential financial losses, managers should see that minimal
amounts of cash are available at any given time.

–  Routines with respect to the handling of cash should be avoided. Staff responsible for
the transition of money to a financial institution should do it in the company of
another employee – at varying times; making it difficult for a would-be thief to
predict an opportunity.

Police encourage business owners and employees to contact police, immediately, to report any suspicious activity/persons observed in or around their business.


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