Gravenhurst To Receive Over $600,000 From Provincial Investment


The Town of Gravenhurst will get $604,110 as one of the rural municipalities chosen to receive one-time funding from the province as part of a $12 million investment announced on March 20.

Mayor Paul Kelly said he will discuss the financial transaction with the ministry and work with council and staff to explore options for where the money should be allocated. Gravenhurst is among 405 municipalities that will receive funding through the province’s $12,579,480 investment announced on March 20. The amount per municipality is based on the number of households in the community and whether the municipality is rural or urban. Kelly said he’s grateful for the funding and does not anticipate that it will impact any existing or future provincial funding opportunities.

“We received official word on Wednesday from Minister Steve Clark, Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, that we had been selected as a recipient for the funding,” Kelly said. “This came as an unexpected, but pleasant surprise. It is certainly funding that we can use and will put to great use in our community.”

Though unconditional, the province said that the investment is meant to help municipalities become more efficient and modernize their service delivery while also reducing expenditure growth in the long term.

“All in all, this is great news for Gravenhurst,” Kelly said. “I am confident that staff will put forth some well thought out strategic suggestions that council can consider, incorporate into our budgeting plans and share with our citizens.”

Read more about the provincial investment in the article below.

Parry Sound-Muskoka Municipalities To Receive Over $12 Million From Province


  1. Please use the money to educate the director of Gravenhurst Public Works and staff on how to operate a snowplough and remove the snow from the road. This past winter was a new low!

  2. The plough operators are telling residents that there is no money in the budget for winter road maintenance. Every year it’s systematically worse then the last. Perhaps the residents of Gravenhurst should band together and file a class action suit against the Town for the repair bills on our vehicles because of their inability/refusal to properly clear our streets. I believe that is the wake up call the Town needs to to get their act in order.


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