Gravenhurst High School Students Work To Craft A Magical Experience In Upcoming Production Of Peter And Molly

Poster courtesy of Earl Sacrey

Students at Gravenhurst High School are working hard to memorize the last of their lines and perfect each scene for their upcoming production of Peter and Molly, the magical tale of Peter Pan in the days before his adventure with Wendy and the other Darling children.

Peter and Molly is a prequel to Peter Pan that explores how Peter got to the island and what happened in his first encounters with the pirates. The cast and crew are working to refine the details of the show leading up to their performances at Gravenhurst High School on June 14 at 7 p.m. and June 15 at 2 p.m. The show is family friendly and admission is by donation, so no one should feel that they don’t have the means to come to the play with their whole family, said director and faculty member Earl Sacrey. He chose the show for the school’s biggest annual production because he felt it had something for everyone, on and off the stage.

“I went reading around looking for something that was fun and had lots of challenges for our actors, lots of parts for the kids, lots to keep us busy and I chose this show because it’s got it all,” Sacrey said. “It’s fun and funny and touching and moving. It’s got some fun production challenges to work out and it’s just something I knew the kids would love.”

The show is produced by a group of students and making the set and costumes has been a community effort, he said. Some set pieces were made by a teacher that mills her own wood and some costumes are on loan from a local bridal shop, but many of the students have done sewing, painting and building of their own. Sacrey said they’re all really excited about the show and hope that members of the community will come out for a great time.

“This show has so much in it, sword fighting and singing and flying, even mermaids and pirates. Everyday working on it we discover a new joke, we find a new thing that we love or somebody just really nails a scene,” Sacrey said. “It’s magic all the way through.”

Visit the show’s event page on Facebook here.


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