Government Of Ontario Invests In Parry Sound-Muskoka Highways


The Ontario government is making an investment to repair and repave highways in Parry Sound-Muskoka, according to an announcement from MPP Norm Miller on March 28.

The government will repair underpasses and culverts along Highway 11 between the Severn River and Huntsville and resurface Highway 400 between Highway 141 and Parry Sound. The funding is part of a $1.3-billion investment in transportation projects announced by Minister of Transportation Jeff Yurek on March 27. The projects aim to create jobs in Ontario’s construction industry and maintain highways for a provincial transportation network that encourages job creation, investment and trade. Miller said the government is delivering on its commitment to improve transportation infrastructure, creating local jobs and making highways safer.

“Our work is about investing in people, in safety, and in the success of Ontario. The government’s commitment to transportation infrastructure funding supports the continued success of Ontario’s road building contractors who have strong, proven track records and close ties with local communities, as well as supporting the provincial tax base,” said Steve Smith, president of the Ontario Road Builders’ Association (ORBA). “With the announcement today, contractors are able to plan their operations, hire staff, mobilize equipment and invest in supply chains and local economies across Ontario.”

The Ministry of Transportation has 123 rehabilitation projects planned across 16,900 kilometres of highway and more than 2,850 bridges in Ontario. The 32 projects planned in the Northeastern region have a combined value of $291 million.

“ORBA members build virtually all of the provincial and municipal roads, bridges and transportation infrastructure across the province and the road building sector directly employs in excess of 30,000 workers at peak season,” said Bryan Hocking, chief operating officer of ORBA. “The announcement today helps us continue our work with the government on connecting and enhancing the productivity of communities, alleviating congestion, and enhancing the safety of everyone who uses Ontario’s transportation infrastructure.”


  1. Nice job! Even better where not listening to Toronto wining about no money for road infrastructure! Most inept counsel in Ontario is Toronto! Where spending money in the North and thats a good thing! The roads in the North are in bad shape! You just need to drive the Transcanada highway, is disgusting to say the list. Great move by the PC government of this province, thanks Norm Miller! I also hope Fowler’s get the contract!


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