Georgian Bay Spirit Company Gears Up For Summer With New Product Launch

Photo courtesy of the Georgian Bay Spirit Co.

The Georgian Bay Spirit Company is gearing up for summer by launching two drinks, the Cranberry Gin Smash and Smashed Tea, as their latest craft cocktails in a can.

Company co-founder Tim Keenleyside said both drinks are in the tradition of the Original Gin Smash, meaning they are less sweet than most ready-to-drink products, are made with natural ingredients and use their award-winning craft gin as the base. The drinks were developed in the company’s “Innovation Kitchen” where we experiment with new recipes and flavours. Once they have a cocktail that meets their standards, they work with the flavour house to develop a canned version that retains the same taste as a freshly made cocktail.

“We’re really excited about the release of both of these products,” Keenleyside said. “The initial response to our Cranberry Gin Smash has been phenomenal. Not only are cranberries a classic Canadian fruit, and a Muskoka staple in particular, but it has a refreshing taste without being too sweet.”

Keenleyside said the company is eager to see how Canadians respond to the Smashed Tea since there is nothing else quite like it on the market. It’s the first gin-based, hard iced tea that the company is aware of in North America and it’s a blend of black and Darjeeling tea along with our Original Gin Smash. Keenleyside said it makes for a perfect easy drinking beverage on a hot, Muskoka summer afternoon.

“The result is products that are perfect for the Muskoka lifestyle,” Keenleyside said. “They are easy and convenient to serve, yet they are distinctly premium in taste. You can pour one over ice or serve it with a garnish of citrus or mint, and no one would be the wiser if you told them you made it from scratch in your kitchen.”


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