Georgian Bay Rowing Club Posts Excellent Results At World Masters Rowing Regatta


Rowers from 366 clubs (2,937 entries) attended the FISA sanctioned 4 day 1000m sprint event in Sarasota Florida. The GBRC was incredibly successful as they were awarded gold in 14 events!

With respect to team points, the women placed 6th overall while the men placed 9th!! The only medals awarded during this regatta were gold (The GBRC is a masters competitive crew which comprises of members from Muskoka, Midland, Rochester, Richmond Hill, Orangeville and Orillia)

The gold medalists are as follows:

Womens D Single: 
Kathryn Barr-McGill 1st 4:06.052

Womens E Single:
Diane Barr 1st 4:11.911 (Final 3)
Chris Huet 1st 4:13.104 (Final 2)

Womens D Double:
Diane/Kathryn 1st 3:56.976 (Final 5)
Chris/Tamara 1st 3:57.512 (Final 4)

Mens C Coxed Four:
Doug/Brad/Bob/Dave 1st 3:25.997

Mens E Single: 
Jeff Garms 1st 3:57.356 (Final 5)
Mike Huet 1st 3:59.472 (Final 8)

Womens D Quad: 
Diane/Kathryn/Chris/Tamara 1st 3:44.723

Mixed D Quad:
Diane/Kathryn/Doug/Jeff  1st 3:28.714 (Final 5)
Chris/Tamara/Brad/Bob 1st 3:28.314 (Final 1)

Mixed D Eight:
Diane/Kathryn/Chris/Tamara/Dave/Jeff/Bob/Brad 1st 3:25.632

Mixed E Double:
Kathryn/Jeff 1st 4:06.648

Womens E Double:
Diane/Kathryn 1st 4:01.974

This weekend Diane, Kathryn, Chris and Deb will be competing at the Head of the Charles Regatta in Boston

Cover photo: womens quad
Photo in article: mixed eight


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