Future Of Seasonal Rates Remains Unclear As OEB Considers Hydro One Proposal

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The future of Hydro One’s seasonal rate class remains unclear as the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) accepts submissions from OEB staff and other involved parties in response to Hydro One’s proposal to maintain seasonal rates.

Hydro One filed its updated seasonal report in mid-July, which offered an alternative to the OEB’s March 2015 decision to eliminate the seasonal class and move customers to residential rate classes according to their location density. The OEB issued a procedural order on Sept. 17, which noted that that requests to reconsider an earlier OEB decision should be made through a motion to review. The OEB stated that they would treat Section 5 of Hydro One’s seasonal report as a motion to review the elimination of the seasonal class and asked Hydro One to submit additional material in support of the motion, which the company provided on Oct. 1. The OEB then determined that it would accept written submissions from OEB staff and other involved parties, known as intervenors, in regards to Hydro One’s submission.

Intervenors are individuals or groups that have permission from the OEB to actively participate in a public hearing about a utility’s application. Intervenors often represent customer groups such as the Federation of Ontario Cottagers’ Associations (FOCA), which opposes the elimination of the seasonal class alongside Hydro One.

“As an intervenor, FOCA is arguing against the elimination of the Seasonal Class, because the September 2015 OEB decision to move to an all-fixed delivery rate already accomplishes the stated goal of having low volume seasonal customers pay a fair share of costs,” said FOCA in a letter to members. 

OEB staff and intervenors were ordered to file any submissions with the OEB by Dec. 19 while Hydro One has until Jan. 9 to file any reply submission the company has to offer.

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  1. We pay enough for our Hydro! We spend money on these green energy projects! Pay company’s millions of dollars to generate it, then sell it back to the customer at a fraction of the cost. With the surplus late in the day we turn around and sell it to adjoining provinces and states at next to nothing! We basically pay twice, in the generation of it and when we give it away! So really this whole situation needs to be cleaned up. You wanna build a solar farm, then go ahead but don’t ask me to subsidize your project. We are paying the highest prices for electricity in the North America market. Alberts is around 5 to 7 cents a kilowatt, we are near 3 times that! Just saying but someone is making a load of money off my hydro bill and my taxes! Clean her up Doug Ford! Oh the latest, carbon tax is taxed again with the HST, Mr. Trudeau thats why you wanted the carbon tax. More revenue for him to give away. Merry Christmas to all


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