Frontline Healthcare Workers Share Their Reflections On The Impact Of COVID-19

Photo courtesy of RVH

Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre (RVH) has launched a #SeeWhatISee social media campaign to share frontline healthcare workers’ reflections on the impact of COVID-19. Sharing these reflections offers a glimpse inside the health centre and the reality of COVID-19.

Frontline workers like Jennifer, manager, Intensive Care Unit (ICU) reflect on the impacts of breaking public health guidelines and protocols. “You would see how devastating it is when because of a family member’s action, somebody dies. Just a dinner turns out not to be just a dinner.”

“We are seeing entire families wiped out, multiple family members, parents, and children, all being wiped out over a chance encounter. No masks, no precautions and what is left behind is complete destruction,” shares Karen, an ICU resource nurse.

RVH staff see the devastating impacts of COVID-19 on a daily basis and it takes its toll on staff. Nicole, a registered nurse on the Respiratory Unit says that if you could see what she sees, you would see “a nurse who is going into a dying patient’s room, who is holding an iPad for when they are taking their last breaths. It is very hard, I’m the one that is being there for them when there is no one else that can be in there for them.”

Hospital staff and physicians are experiencing a high level of fatigue, stress and burn out. However, despite the challenges, TEAM RVH is digging deep to ensure they continue to be there for anyone needing medical help.  The goal of this video campaign is to catch a glimpse into the daily impacts of COVID-19 at the health centre to encourage everyone to stay the course.  Stay home, follow public health safety measures and sign up for a vaccine when eligible.

You can view the reflections on RVH’s social media channels and on RVH’s YouTube channel.


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