Former Resident Returns To Muskoka And Starts Cannabis Education Company


A former Muskoka resident is moving back to the area and bringing a new business with her. The business, called Cannabis Answers, aims to help investors and others who want to enter the cannabis industry, in addition to providing marijuana education to local residents, groups and businesses.

Cannabis Answers, created by cannabis educator Heather Huff-Bogart, offers at-home presentations, group discussions, localized cannabis education, workshops and home parties. The company also plans to provide cannabis-relevant mindfulness techniques, help medical users create customized use plans, give guidance for strain-sensitive patients and more. Businesses can have Huff-Bogart speak to their staff or executives about medical and recreational legalization and how they affect the workplace as well.

Huff-Bogart first moved to Muskoka in her mid-twenties to work at the JW Marriott in Minett but recently moved back to get married after spending time in Toronto. She said she’s proud to bring the company to her community because despite Muskoka’s growing marijuana resources, there’s a missing piece.

“From what I can find, [there] are no services that will visit you in the privacy of your home or offer information presentations,” said Huff-Bogart. “Just as importantly, there are no local services that act as a resource for businesses or for people interested in entering the cannabis industry. I want to fill that gap.”

She isn’t a doctor, but Huff-Bogart has been part of the cannabis industry for nearly a decade. She has worked as an operations manager and trainer for several dispensaries as well as a regional sales manager for an infused beverage company and head of operations for a CBD company. She is also a medical marijuana patient and a past board member with Woman’s Grow Toronto.

She started the business because of the role that cannabis has played in her life. She dealt with many health issues as a child and was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease at 21, so cannabis has served many purposes from building her appetite to dulling her pain. She believes that marijuana is the reason why she’s been medication-free for seven years and in Crohn’s remission for eight years.

“I was taking 15 pills a day, and the plan was for me to either administer weekly needles to myself or pay monthly visits to the hospital for treatment that would exhaust me for days after,” said Huff-Bogart, adding that cannabis improved her quality of life. “Cannabis reduced the medication and gave me the control that I was looking for, helping me through the process of rebuilding my health.”

If you want to learn more about Cannabis Answers or book an information session, contact Huff-Bogart at


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