Five Facts You Didn’t Know About RVing

Photo courtesy of the Toronto Spring Camping and RV Show

Written by a representative for the Toronto Spring Camping and RV Show, show runs February 28 to March 3 at The International Centre

RVing is more popular than ever. In fact, during 2017 Canadians alone took 8.8 million RV trips, yet many myths and misconceptions about RV life still exist.  With more and more baby boomers and millennials looking for affordable options to roll into adventures with, the experts at the Toronto Spring Camping and RV Show are here to shed light on the hidden truths about RVing.

Here are five facts you didn’t know about RVing:

There are many options to consider when choosing camping destinations!

Photo courtesy of the Toronto Spring Camping and RV Show

There are nearly 2400, Campgrounds and Parks across Canada and 16,000 more in the United States but did you know you can occasionally use your RV to travel to a lavender farm, lush vineyards, epic breweries and distilleries? By joining a membership community like Harvest Hosts, you can park your RV overnight for free in the most incredible, memorable locations across North America. With 713+ hosting locations in all the lower 48 US states, Canada, Alaska and Baja California, you’re bound to find your dream stop. Will that be Red or White?

People of all ages have joined the RV lifestyle  

Photo courtesy of the Toronto Spring Camping and RV Show

North American RV industry shipments are up 214% since 2009! And it’s not just retirees sitting in their RVs in the Sunshine State. Now more than ever, millennials and young families are fueling the RV Industry by purchasing small, lightweight travel trailers to get their adventure fix without breaking the bank. RVing gives you the power to travel freely and about taking more control of your vacation or weekends in a whole new world of freedom and relaxation.

It’s a much more affordable way to vacay

Photo courtesy of the Toronto Spring Camping and RV Show

There’s a reason why more than 2 million RVs are cruising the Canadian roads. RVing can be 78% cheaper than a regular family vacation. While fuel isn’t free and there are typically site fees, these are minimal when compared to a hotel or resort stay, airfare and meals. Starting at around $10,000 up to $500,000 or more for the most luxurious models, there is an RV for any budget!

RVs are far from “roughing it”

Photo courtesy of the Toronto Spring Camping and RV Show

From the Tent Campers to ultra-modern Class A Motor Homes to RV Park Model Trailers, you can have all the luxuries of home on the road….or better! With slide-outs, electric fireplaces, WiFi, heated floors, Bluetooth capability and full-sized appliances, there’s no reason to rough it if you don’t want to. The integration of the latest technology truly makes RVing a glamping experience!

There’s an “Airbnb” for RVs

Photo courtesy of Outdoorsy via the Toronto Spring Camping and RV Show

The sharing economy is in full swing, even in the RV industry. Now, you don’t have to commit to buying an RV before and can try it for yourself before committing to the investment. Companies like RVezy and Outdoorsy allow you to rent quality RVs simply, safely and in the most affordable way to ensure the RV Lifestyle is for you and your family. Plus, if you’re all about the RV and not about the drive, perks include having your RV already set up for you at your designated site, no sweat.

If you’re ready to see what RV life is all about, head to the 2019 Toronto Spring Camping and RV Show on February 28 – March 3rd at the International Centre, Mississauga. For more information visit

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