Family Says Angel Is Looking Over Them After Surviving Head-On Collision

Photo courtesy of Deanna Minz

A family of four is recovering from a head-on collision that left their car mangled and unrecognizable, but despite their injuries, they feel touched by angels to be alive after a wreck that could’ve taken any or all of their lives.

Matt and Cheryl Caverson left home on Jan. 18 with their two kids Kaelyn, 9, and Kaleb, 7, to go to a family get-together. While driving on Muskoka Road 38, a two-lane district road, the family was hit head-on by another driver near First Nation Liquidation in Bala around 6 p.m. All four family members sustained injuries and their car was totalled. The driver of the other vehicle tried to flee the scene, but due to the condition of their vehicle as well as personal injuries, they were unable to get far. The driver ultimately left their vehicle in a ditch and was taken to the hospital after returning to the scene. Authorities told the family that the driver had a suspended license.

Kaelyn Caverson’s bruises from the head-on collision on Jan. 18. Photo courtesy of Deanna Minz

“I did not see what had happened, but I was right behind the ambulance service on my way out there,” said Deanna Minz, Matt’s mother. “When I [saw] the car, I just broke down. I was beside myself to see such an accident and everyone was alive.”

Minz stayed with her family in the hospital on the night of the collision and took Kaleb when he was discharged the next morning. Kaelyn was moved to Sicks Kids Hospital by ambulance since helicopters were grounded due to Toronto weather conditions. Matt and Cheryl went to Toronto with Kaelyn.

Kaelyn Caverson, 9, in the hospital following the head-on collision. Photo courtesy of Deanna Minz

Kaleb remains with Minz in Bracebridge, recovering from a severe concussion and a large cut between his eyes, along with many bruises. Kaelyn is at Sicks Kids Hospital after undergoing exploratory surgery and facing internal infections. Matt and Cheryl are with their daughter at the hospital in Toronto and are also recovering from their own injuries. Matt has muscle tears, a bruised kidney, a fractured rib and a sprained back, while Cheryl has bruises caused by her seatbelt during impact. Minz said they are improving each day.

“I myself, as a mother, never in my life expected to have to go through this,” Minz said. “All I can say it that there was a true angel watching over them that night.”

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See more images of the Caverson’s car below.


  1. I am Cheryl’s Mom and also Grandmother of Kaelyn and Kaleb. It tears my heart out seeing them like this. I hope the driver of the other car understands the impact this had had on our entire family from all sides, and does the right thing and takes the punishment he is given. Also reveals there was another person with him, who also chose to leave the scene after getting out of car to say she was sorry, but fled when was asked for help getting the kids out of the car. Truly disgraceful and disgusting that people can be so heartless that they would leave injured people especially children in a life threatening situation.


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