Everyone Can Prevent Cyber Crime With Awareness


The OPP views Cyber Security Awareness Month as an opportunity to take a multi-pronged approach to address the many threats posed by cyber criminals.

The impact of fraud and victimization through technology as a target and technology used as a tool now totals in the billions of dollars annually in Canada. The destruction is only expected to expand through the ‘Internet of Things‘ — devices connected via the Internet that collect and exchange information with one another and with us.

During October, police services and subject matter experts from across the country want to safeguard all Canadians from becoming victims of online and digital crimes. The OPP 2017 Cyber Security Awareness Month public, media and social media campaign will focus on four broader themes, including:

  • Identity theft
  • Two-factor Authentication and digital citizenship (Online Child Safety)
  • Online shopping and Safe Trade Zones
  • OPP Cyber Crime Investigations Team

The OPP is spreading the word among its own 9,200 employees to demystify threats, enhance education and awareness, and to ensure OPP information systems remain secure. The OPP is encouraging its members to share online safety tips and best practices with their children, family members and friends.

For helpful tips and links, follow the OPP on TwitterFacebook and Instagram and using the hashtags #CyberSecurity, #CyberAware and #OPPTips.


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