Early Morning Traffic Stop Results In Impaired Arrest


Orillia OPP has arrested and charged a male with Impaired Driving after a routine, early morning, traffic stop in the City of Orillia.

On Saturday, July 04, 2020 at 8:00 a.m. an Orillia OPP officer was on patrol in the west end of Orillia. The officer observed a traffic violation and proceeded to stop the vehicle. After talking with the male driver, the officer was given cause to conduct an impaired driving investigation.

As a result, Mathew Crawford, age 27 of Oro-Medonte, has been charged with Operation While Impaired – Blood Alcohol Concentration (80 Plus) and other Highway Traffic Act Offences.

The accused was released and is set to appear on August 25, 2020 in Orillia Court.

The OPP is reminding motorists that alcohol can remain in your body for several hours after consumption and nothing that you do, including sleep or drinking coffee, will speed up your body’s process of eliminating the alcohol. No amount of alcohol or drugs in your system is safe when driving.


  1. 31 years ago I was pulled over after consuming 3 pints= 60 oz in 2 hours for speeding
    I blew 90
    I had been doing this for years
    Following Friday pm same time on my way home
    Did not drink due to being caught 7days ago
    Man runs across bus road after robbing store
    I hit him as no way to avoid him
    Would have normally had 3 pints in my system
    Thankfully not
    Man I hit institutionilized for life
    Me, no charges and never really drank again

  2. While impaired driving should never be condoned, I’ve been there too. I turned down a beer at a friend’s one afternoon (g/f took 1 though) and so thankful I did. Less than a half hour later an idiot jumped a stop sign, T-boned me and rolled my van. Cop smelled the beer (g/F’s) but ran me thru the gauntlet. After seeing I was fine, he told me that if ANY booze had been detected, I would have likely had a very expensive court proceeding and the other guy may have not been charged.


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