Do-It-Yourself Divorce Reduces Stress, Cost And Time

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The strain of COVID-19 has taken its toll on married couples in Ontario, many of whom are separating and seeking divorce. “According to the National Law Review, Asia, the United Kingdom and the United States have seen a 34% increase in divorce due to COVID-19 and based on the National Law Review Canada is expected to mirror that number within 6 – 8 weeks.”  This was taken from a Global News interview on October 29, 2020

To meet the increasing demand of couples seeking a separation, Toronto-based divorce services provider Positive Solutions launched an online DIY option for couples to divorce amicably, affordably and quickly.

Help for Divorce is a divorce services provider that offers online solutions to assist separating couples in Ontario.

“The traditional court-led process takes a lot of time and demands higher legal fees. We heard from our clients that the stress on separating couples was compounded due to the current economic crisis,” explains founder and mediator Bev Lewis. “We want to support our clients and empower them through this otherwise stressful time in their lives. Help for Divorce enables them to separate without the hassle of huge legal bills and the drawn-out court process.”

Through, separating couples can create their own professional Separation Agreements online, without leaving their homes or incurring unnecessary legal fees. Guidance from mediators is available along the way to ensure the best interest of both parties and their children are prioritized.

With the traditional separation and divorce process costing upwards of tens of thousands of dollars and lasting years in some cases, Help for Divorce is a much-needed solution.

Separating couples seeking an amicable, affordable, speedy, and less stressful divorce can begin drafting their own Agreement with the peace of mind that it is done right. To learn more or to get started visit

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